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Kelley Payne, owner of Steampro Carpet Cleaning
Hi, I’m Kelley Payne, owner of Steampro Carpet Cleaning.

In 1987 I began my carpet cleaning career working for several different cleaning companies in Arizona.

The one thing I had a problem with working for these carpet cleaning companies was, they were all concerned about getting their foot in the customer’s door. Once there they would have the carpet cleaning technicians pressure the homeowners into buying all the unnecessary extras, that should have been included in the cleaning price in the first place. (This is commonly known as the bait and switch tactic). Well I didn’t stay with these companies too long, because I just couldn’t treat people this way even know it was a common practice among carpet cleaners in Phoenix. It even happens right here in the Springfield area too.

So in 1988 I began my own carpet cleaning company with some used carpet cleaning equipment, with the saying “We clean your carpets, Not your pockets”. It didn’t take long before my customers started telling me that I was the “No Gimmick Carpet Cleaner” and I had done twice the cleaning job for half the price as those nation-wide carpet cleaning companies had. Next thing I knew, my customers were telling their family and friends about how good Steampro was. And to this day that’s still what our business is based upon. Steampro is about doing a GOOD JOB for you that makes you want to use us again and refer us to your friends and family and NOT about trying to squeeze you out of every penny we can get.

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We believe in providing the best residential & commercial carpet, upholstery, pet stains & odor, tile & grout cleaning service in the Springfield area for the best price. With 25 years experience in the carpet cleaning business, we have found that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

What do we mean by “No Gimmicks”?

STEAMPRO Carpet & Tile Cleaning will always clean your carpets without trying to pressure you into buying a lot of unneeded services!

“We clean your carpets, Not your pockets”

No Gimmicks – No Hidden Costs – No Bait & Switch!

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“Proudly serving the Metro Springfield Missouri area.”