Steampro Carpet Cleaning Springfield MO

STEAMPRO Carpet Cleaning Springfield MO

Serving Springfield MO, Nixa, Ozark, Republic and surrounding towns
Carpet Cleaning Springfield, MO


STEAMPRO Carpet and Tile Cleaning have become the best rated carpet cleaning company in Springfield Missouri and surrounding areas for customer satisfaction and value.

And why have we become the best in Springfield?

That’s very simple, we clean the carpet in the average single story home in the Springfield area for around $100, not $250-450. And we are told over and over that we do TWICE the cleaning for HALF the price. STEAMPRO never pressures our customers in buying expensive add-on cleaning services.

We may not have a funny jingle or cleaned up after any Alpacas like those guys in the yellow vans, but we have sure cleaned up a lot of spots, spills, and stains left behind by kids, cats and dogs!

So join the thousands of satisfied home and business owners who have used STEAMPRO and now have cleaner carpets without having to pay a fortune to get it!

We offer No Gimmick – No Hidden Cost
Professional carpet cleaning the way it’s supposed to be cleaned.

STEAMPRO only uses the time tested steam cleaning method (Hot Water Extraction). This method is the one the major carpet manufacturers recommend.
Not some method that uses little bubbles that come in soft drinks or oxiclean marketing gimmicks.

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust!

Our carpet cleaning service area includes Springfield and surrounding areas such as Nixa, Republic, Ozark, Rogersville, Battlefield, Billings, Willard.

Our average drying time is 2-4 hours.

There are other methods that may dry quicker. But most only clean the surface of your carpets, not deep down into the carpet fibers where all the soils really are.

If they call it 1 hour or quik dry cleaning, Encapsulation, Dry-foam, or shampooing, this will only loosen the soils on top and mix it deeper into your carpet. Making it appear to be cleaner, and sometimes leaving a sticky residue that will act like a dirt magnet and attract even more soils.

You can usually tell, if they say to you that after it dries, that “YOU” have to vacuum up the dried dirty foam crystals.

Two things incorrect about this:

#1 It will not all come out.
#2 If “YOU” have to vacuum your own carpets to remove it, what are you paying them for!

We also clean tile and grout, as well as upholstery!

So give STEAMPRO Carpet Cleaning Springfield Missouri a call and stop paying a small fortune to have your carpets cleaned!

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STEAMPRO Carpet Cleaning Springfield MO

3233 W. Republic Road, Springfield, MO 65807

Telephone: (417) 883-1313

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